Ain’t Your Parents’ In Treatment: The 4th Season Premiere One Year Later

One year ago today, In Treatment’s biggest fans waited 11 long years for the 4th season & HBO had granted their wishes & premiered the long-awaited said season.

It goes back to their announcement on October 27, 2020, nearly 10 years to the day the series’ 3rd & then-final season premiered, that they were going to resurrect the series from the dead, however things were radically gonna be different from the first 3 seasons.

Fans that were expecting the original psychotherapist Dr. Paul Weston (Gabriel Byrne) to return Instead got a massive shock: he was being replaced by Orange is the New Black’s Crazy Eyes herself Uzo Aduba.

Uzo as Dr. Brooke Taylor on In Treatment Year 4

The series’ setting was also changed. The first season was set in Baltimore, while the other 2 were set in New York City. Now the series’ 4th season is set in Los Angeles.

We’re also introduced to an ethnic mix of patients including Eladio (Anthony Ramos), an caretaker to an wealthy family, Colin (John Benjamin Hickey), an middle-aged crisis-stricken guy, & Laila (Quintessa Swindell) an biseuxal who was still loving with her abusive & controlling mom.

In keeping with the series’ tradition, which originated from the Israeli series Be’Tipul, Brooke also sees her own psychotherapist Rita (Liza Colon Zayas) along with her mutual boyfriend Adam (Joel Kinnaman).

Another still of Dr. Brooke Taylor

Uzo’s powerful performance earned her Primetime Emmy, Golden Globe & Critics Choice nominations, however, she had failed to win any of them.

So, in the end, HBO did the right thing at the right time as they resurrected a highly underrated dramedy in order to reflect on the raging pandemic, social & racial equality issues that was affecting the entire planet. We wanted more seasons of this series, but they broke our hearts & killed it off again. We’re also absolutely disgusted that the network failed to properly promote the series & didn’t win as much awards as their other overexposed megahits such as True Blood & Game of Thrones did, but all in all, this series was a beautiful, sexy, provocative, decadent & hypnotic hidden gem every fan had to watch.

Official trailer for the series’ long-awaited 4th season.

One Year of 4iT

One year ago today, our journey began as we first had our official presence on our Instagram account, 2 weeks in advance of In Treatment’s long-awaited yet reimagined 4th season global premiere.

Our IG account was pretty much the only such account exclusively dedicated to the legacy & fanbase of HBO’s supremely underrated Golden Globe, Emmy & Peabody award-winning dramedy, which originally starred Ireland’s greatest export Gabriel Byrne in his most iconic role of his entire career as Dr. Paul Weston, then Uzo ‘Crazy Eyes’ Aduba as Dr. Brooke Taylor for the 4th season.

Within 12 months of our IG account’s establishment, we would extend our presence to other social platforms Tumblr, Twitter & Vero.

Earlier this year, we launched the world’s largest fansite solely devoted to the hit series, the first of its kind & the very site you’re reading this right now, & we haven’t looked back.

We would like to every single one of our followers across all the platforms we’re on, along with the fans of the series around the world for continuing to support us & the legacy of a series that’s will be celebrating its milestone 15th anniversary this January.

In Treatment might’ve been killed off again, but it’s legacy & prestige will forever live on in the network’s history.

Unbelievable! HBO Kills In Treatment Again

Thanks for the memories Gabriel & Uzo. The series might be gone again, but it will never ever be forgotten.

As of last week, HBO has stunned In Treatment fans around the world as they publicly announced that there wouldn’t be a 5th season of the sexiest psychotherapist series on television.

We are completely outraged & pissed off at their decision to once again kill off the highly underrated dramedy that deserved better recognition, a truckload of awards & more global fans. The series had critically acclaimed acting from some of the most beautiful people in the world, an gorgeously written script, & an inviting, homely backdrop.

The series had such gorgeous, good-looking men as Blair Underwood (Alex), Josh Charles (Jake), the late Irrfan Khan (Sunil), Dane DeHaan (Jesse), Anthony Ramos (Eladio), Joel Kinnaman (Adam) &, of course, the main man Gabriel Byrne (Dr. Paul Weston).

What was even more destructive was HBO’s failure to properly promote the series, especially last summer’s revival, as the network didn’t give enough hype to the series on the same level as their supershows such as The Sopranos & Game of Thrones. We wanted the network to give the series significant hype & exposure so that it could not only have a massive fandom but also be one of the network’s flagship series.

But it never ever came to be, as the network treated the series just like dirt, it only had minimal promotion compared to the other aforementioned dramas, it only won a small handful of awards (particularly the 2008 Primetime Emmy for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for Dianne Wiest, who failed to show up & the 2009 Golden Globe for Best Lead Actor in a Drama for Byrne, who also failed to appear) & the only audiences the series attracted were predominantly either middle aged &/or elderly women.

This was the series that was responsible for innovating something no other North American drama series had done before & that was to air it on multiple nights, this was an series that was pretty much the ONLY half-hour primetime drama series of the 21st century & this was the series that broke new ground by having the first European-born actor lead star on an HBO series.

& now it’s been killed off again, only this time for good.

R.I.P. In Treatment (2008-10, 2021)

Sinful. An In Treatment Fanfic.

This fanfic contains sexual content & nudity. Reader discretion is advised.

Months after he filed for divorce from Kate, Dr. Paul Weston was sitting in his office typing yet another lengthy email directly to Alex Prince Senior, the father of the late Alex Prince. He suddenly stopped typing to flashback about his last meeting with Adele about the alleged malpractice brought on as a result of Alex’s sudden suicide as well as Kate having enough of him & then filing the divorcing papers & moving out of his crib. 

Just then, a mysterious, dark red haired, large-breasted yet slim woman that looked just like Helena Christensen with a voice that sounded between The Incredibles’ Mirage & Debra Wilson came into his office. She was wearing a one buttoned navy blue velvet blazer that displayed her massive cleavage, a black miniskirt, sheer black stockings, & a gold chained choker.

‘Hey there. The name is Wendy Thorne.’, she said in her seductive voice. “We briefly first met weeks ago. Don’t you remember?’ 

‘Hey Wendy. I remember we met.’ said Paul. ‘But I’m very busy typing this highly important letter to Alex Senior. If you want, you can sit & watch.’ 

‘No problem, Paul.’ she replied to him as she walked around his office. ‘You have so many pirate ship replicas & artworks’, said Wendy. 

She continued to look through all the wonderful items Paul has, but when she came over to his desk, she looked at his teetering blue wavemotion machine in awe. 

‘Whoa! This machine is so cool!’ said Wendy.

‘Please don’t touch, Wendy.’ Paul replies.  ‘This machine means so much to me.’

‘& why you must say this?’ Wendy replies.

‘Somebody gave it to me 20 years ago as a going away gift after I graduated from The New School.’ Paul said to her. ‘This helps my office to give that extra spark. It’s my very favorite item.’

‘Oh, okay, Paul.’ Wendy replied & then she walked back to sit on the white sofa. ‘I’m glad to know that the blue watery thing inside the rectangular glass is your favorite item.’ 

Paul finished typing & came over to sit with her on the couch. 

Wendy erotically sighs. ‘I really feel better when I have you near me, Paul.’ she said to him. ‘I’m very sorry about all the pain you’ve been going through for the last few months when Kate divorced you.’ 

‘You look very beautiful…& very busty’, said Paul. 

‘I know, right?’ she said to him. Then she came to Paul’s right ear & seductively whispered: ‘You wanna come over to my crib tonight, Paul? It’s very big, luxurious, decadent & extravagant. It has everything.’ 

‘I never saw your house…I wanna see what it looks like, Wendy.’ Paul replies.

Later that evening….

Paul & Wendy both arrive at her multimillion dollar crib somewhere outside of Brooklyn. Paul has been blindfolded since she drove him on her badass Black Ferrari to her crib. She takes the blindfolded off him. 

‘What do you think of my amazing crib, Paul?’ she asked him.

‘Whoa’, said Paul. ‘I’ve been to so many multimillionaire mansions before, but this one I’ve never seen before in my life. This is next level, Wendy.’ 

‘But all this is only the beginning, Paul.’ she replied. ‘You’d better call your loved ones, cuz you’re gonna be staying here for the next few days, even after you’re done with your psychotherapist sessions. & don’t you worry, my black Ferrari is superfast, so I’ll drop you off & pick you up the quickest. Now drop to your knees, Paul.’ 

‘Yes Wendy.’ said Paul. 

‘& another thing, Weston’, she said to him. ‘From here on out not only I’ll be your commander, you’ll also address me as Mistress Wendy or simply Mistress, whichever you feel comfortable with. Never call me by my last name. Only those 2 names. Do I make myself crystal clear?’ 

‘Of course, Mistress.’ he said.

Wendy began to seductively caress Paul’s raven-gray highlighted hair, then she feels his chin & her medium dark red polished oval nailed thumb slowly slides down on his lips. 

‘I’ll take good care of you & you’ll feel good like you’ve never felt good in years.’ said Wendy as they slowly walked up the magnificent spiral staircase leading to her master bedroom. 

The two begin to kiss passionately once they got up to her bedroom. Wendy roughly rips off Paul’s shirt, then, with his strength, he rips off her navy blue blazer, her lacy see through white pushup bra, her skirt & her stockings. 

‘You’re already being wet for me, Mistress.’ 

The two move up to & have casual erotic sex in her pink & red satin-sheeted bed, where Paul shoved himself on her & began to hump her. 

He began to remove all his clothes & now was wearing nothing. He was standing oh so sexily above her, dripping with a meager bit of sweat.

She was slowly rubbing her clit, biting her lip. “Oh you’re making my clit throb, Paul.”

Wendy smirked as she stared at his massive dude parts. It was straight & hard. She seductively went ‘Mmmmmm…’ & did the ‘come here’ finger gesture slowly. 

He growled a little, descending upon her body. Kisses all over her neck, she twisted and moaned, running her hands over his back, which is shaped just like an Greek statue before grabbing his perfectly sculpted, musclebound ass. And oh, what a sweet ass it was.

“Mistress,” he groaned. “Touch me.”

She wriggled her hand in between their bodies. Her hand tingled as she grabbed his forbidden fruit, rubbing the tip of it up against her vagina.

Moaning, she tried forcing him in but he pulled away with a smirk.

“You pretty man come back here,” she growled, getting up and slamming him to the floor. He looked a little shocked at first, but then starting smirking again. “Mistress, ready to suck my forbidden fruit?”

‘Yes I’m ready, Paul.’ she said.

She grabbed it with one hand and licked the tip of it. His love potion had never tasted this great to her before. She shoved the thing into her mouth, moaning all the way.

90 minutes later, the two were lying completely in the buff side by side. 

‘That was some explosive lovemaking, wasn’t it Paul?’ said Wendy. 

‘I hadn’t felt this good sexually in years, Mistress.” he said to Wendy as she caressed Paul’s bare abdomen slowly. 

‘I’m really glad to hear that, Paul.’ she sighed. ‘I’ll give you all the good loving everyday now that you’re single again.’ she said to him. 

The next day, while Paul was doing his psychotherapy session with Sunil, Wendy was watching & listening to Paul’s every conversation with him outside his psychotherapy room with the door which is not closed. She was wearing a lack blazer with burgundy satin spaghetti strapped minidress & sheer black stocking tights. 

‘Yes Paul’, she whispered. 

Sunil started to softly argue with Paul. Where Wendy was standing, their voices were muffled, but loud enough for Wendy to hear them. 

Later on, after Paul was finished with Sunil’s sessions, she opened the unclosed door & came to caress Paul’s shoulders & kiss his left cheek. 

‘So how was your session with Sunil?’ Wendy said to him. 

‘It was a little unnerving, to say the least.’ said Paul. ‘Sunil was talking about why Julia, who had let him stay in her house, is about to kick him out of the house, cuz Julia’s always complaining about him having poor hygiene & getting up late.’

‘Oooh, I really feel sorry for Sunil.’ she said. ‘I feel his pain, especially given that he’s an immigrant from Calcutta.’ 

‘It’s very painful for him’, said Paul. ‘Which was why it was a somewhat difficult session.’ 

‘Tell you what, Paul’, she said to him. ‘I’ll heal your mind & make you feel better again, cuz you had a hard therapy session with him. Come on, Paul. Come to me.’ 

‘Yes Mistress.’ he said to her.

A few hours later, Paul was taking a steamy shower in Mistress Wendy’s large bathroom/steam-room hybrid. She was standing outside of the glass shower wearing this:

as well as a black lacy see through bra & a vintage high cut thong. 

‘Man, those psychotherapy sessions sometimes really stresses you out, Paul.’, Wendy replied to him.

‘I know, right Mistress?’ he said to her. ‘To tell you the truth, they’re sometimes a pain in the fucking ass for me’. 

‘I really feel your pain, Paul, that you have to endure those provocative sessions.’ she said. ‘Luckily, the showers helps to relieve the stre–Ooooh!!’

‘What is it Wendy?’ said Paul.

Wendy began to breathe sexily & heavily. ‘You’re really making me wet already & I’m not even in the showers with you.’

‘Then come on in, take my soapy scrub & rub my back gently with it.’ Paul replied. 

‘Sure, Paul.’ she told him.

Wendy enters the steamy glass shower, grabs the puffy & soapy scrub sphere & gently rubs Paul’s back with it. 

‘Wow, you have a perfectly musclebound backside, Paul.’ she said to him. ‘It’s so beautiful.’ 

‘What I do to my body is top secret.’ said Paul. ‘I can’t tell my secrets about my body to anyone & neither should you.’ 

‘Well, I’ll be leaving you in the shower, I have to go.’ she said to him. Just as she was going to leave, Paul grabbed her arm & said to her ‘& just where do you think you’re going, Mistress?’ 

‘Uh….nowhere?’ said Wendy.

From there, he swung her back to his arms & kissed her hard & passionately, he ripped her semi-sheer girdle body shaper, her bra & finally, her thong with his strong strength & opened the sliding glass door & put her wet lingerie on the floor & closed the door. The two then lie on the floor of the shower & they humped again.

Wendy & Paul goes to the guest bedroom. In her dimly lit bedroom, there is a Classical-style canopy bed, a black leathered massage table, candles, red roses, a giant oval mirror & an massive French window/door. There, Paul proceeded to sexily take off his towel again thus revealing his gorgeous abs, torso, his cock, & his buttocks to her.

Wendy sat in an black leather plush chair, crossed her left leg & said to him: ” You have those gorgeous blue eyes. Beautiful raven gray hair. Voluptuous pout. An seductive smirk. & that smile that makes me melt with erotic desire.”

“& my mission is I desperately wanna see your body, so I can lick & kiss your sexy abs & your back, oil it down, & gently slap you while you’re blindfolded.”, said Wendy.

“You want to see me in the buff again?” said Paul

“Yes I do.” replies Wendy “I want you to strip for me.”

Paul proceeded to sexily take off his towel again thus revealing his gorgeous abs, torso, his cock, & his buttocks to her.

“Aaaaah. Yesssss.” said Wendy, who is seductively cooing. Wendy comes over to kiss him roughly & then softly bites the side of his lower lip. “Ow!” said Paul “What was that, Wendy?” “Shut your mouth, Weston.” said Wendy, as she blindfolds him with a silky black bandana & then pushes him down to her queen sized bed & ties him to the bedpost. On the left side of the bed is a large cup of hot oil on a night table, where Wendy grabs & holds towards Paul’s chest.

“Are you ready for it, Paul?” says Wendy, who is kneeling in front of him.

“Bring it on.” Paul replied.

Wendy proceeds to erotically kiss & lick his chest, abs, lower torso, both of his arms & his pelvic area, then pours the oil on those areas.

“Aaaah. It doesn’t hurt me at all.” says Paul while he’s being oiled down. “It feels so warm. It feels good.”

Wendy then unties him from the bedpost & moves a blindfolded Paul to the massage table. There, after she rips her teddy off to reveal her massive implanted breasts & big, puffy areolas to him, she pours the remains of the lukewarm oil onto the core of his back as well as his ass cheeks & his legs, where she seductively massages it. Afterwards, she begins to gently whip him with her riding crop.

“Are you enjoying this?” says Wendy

“Aaaaah, yes, come on Wendy!,” replied Paul. “You make me feel too good”.

Wendy takes off Paul’s blindfold & the moment he saw her massive breast implants, he first kisses both sides of her erotic implants & then kisses her lips, thus they began having sex on the massage table for awhile.

Happy 14th Anniversary to In Treatment

January 28 is one of the most important days in not only Gabriel Byrne’s career but also in HBO history premiered, as the network premiered their hugely underrated psychotherapy drama In Treatment for the very first time.

The series followed the weekly sessions between Dr. Paul Weston (Byrne) & his patients, along with his own counseling with therapists Dr. Gina Toll (Dianne Wiest) for the first 2 years & Dr. Adele Brouse (Amy Ryan) for the third.

In the first year, we are introduced to Sophie (Mia Wasikowska), who is a teenage gymnast & Olympic trial-hopeful, Laura Hill (Melissa George), an doctor with promiscuity, fighter pilot Alex Prince, Jr.(Blair Underwood), who was traumatized following one of his Iraq missions, Jake (Josh Charles) & Amy (Embeth Davidtz), a couple whose marriage are on the rocks due to them arguing about wanting another child.

For the 2nd year, patients such as the high-powered CEO of a multinational corporation Walter (the late John Mahoney), cancer-stricken art student April (Alison Pill), malpractice lawyer Mia (Hope Davis) & bullied school-age boy Oliver (Aaron Shaw), whose parents (Sherri Saum & Russell Hornsby) are about to divorce.

The 3rd year had brought us Calcutta immigrant Sunil (the late Irrfan Khan), whose son brought him to Dr. Paul, gay teen Jesse (Dane DeHaan), & Broadway actress Frances (Debra Winger), plus Paul’s new therapist Adele (Amy Ryan).

Then, on December 7, 2010, HBO committed an huge crime as they unexpectedly decided to pull the plug on the series after 106 episodes & 3 seasons. It would be another 11 years before the series was not only revived but also revisioned for its 4th year.

The series was completely revamped for its 4th year, as it was set in Los Angeles & had Dr. Brooke Taylor (Uzo Aduba) as the main psychotherapist. She spoke with patients including male nanny Eladio (Anthony Ramos), Colin (John Benjamin Hickey) & Laila (Quintessa Swindell), along with her own psychotherapist Rita (Liza Colon Zayas) & boyfriend Adam (Joel Kinnaman).

In Treatment is a dramedy series & is widely considered by a great many television critics as the show that put Gabriel Byrne back on the map. This series really solidified his status as one of the most iconic Irish actors in history as the major success of the series placed himself in such a major comeback spot, with Byrne, having a career span 27 years up to that point, garnered him a whole new generation of viewers & popularity as well as his career-span fame, too.

The critically acclaimed success of In Treatment would garner the series an Primetime Emmy, a Peabody, a WGA award & an Globe. Even though the series was an underrated hidden gem, the series is regarded as one of Byrne’s most iconic roles & is regarded as Byrne’s commercially acclaimed role. Every episode is emotional, provocative, & decadent, the series’ innovative format is untouchable & all the actors’ performances were powerful & beautifully delivered.

This is one of the most underrated series in HBO history, as the network didn’t give the series the same promotion as their supershows such as Entourage & True Blood were at the time. The network should’ve promoted In Treatment hard enough so that it could be globally recognized in the mainstream. The series also should’ve won MORE awards, including an NAACP Image Award, a SAG award, a GLAAD award, BAFTA, & additional Golden Globes & Primetime Emmys, too.

In 2023, be prepared for In Treatment’s 15th anniversary, which it will be the biggest spectacular in the series’ history. Happy 14th anniversary to this underappreciated gem of an HBO drama called In Treatment.

Gabriel Readies To Get ‘Walking With Ghosts’ In Person & On Stage In Dublin

Gabriel ‘Dr. Paul Weston’ Byrne is preparing to come home. Not just in an ordinary way, but in a BIG way.

Landmark Productions of Ireland, together with Emmy winning director Lonny Price, announced last month that they’re adapting Gabriel’s hit memoir Walking with Ghosts into a one-man stage show, starring the author himself.

Gabriel on RTÉ One’s Tommy Tiernan Show recently in Dublin preparing for his homecoming one-man stage adaptation of his memoir Walking with Ghosts.

The 12 performances of Walking with Ghosts will begin next Thursday & will run until February 6 (dates subject to change) at Dublin’s famed Gaiety Theatre. Only people in Ireland can attend & nobody else due to the ongoing pandemic that just won’t go away (shame).

The stage show is a recollection of Gabriel’s rocky adolescence in his home country that was on the grips of disappearing & his thoughts about his 40+ year career in the worldwide entertainment industry. This show marks his return to the town that launched his career to reflect on his career so far.

Gabriel at the Gaiety Theatre last week along with special guests.

The production company is also holding a contest on Twitter (that’s only open to Irish residents), where one can win tix to the opening night of Walking with Ghosts, have an overnight stay at The Clarence & dinner at Robertas, too!

It’ll be a night fans in his native country will never ever forget, period.

In Treatment’s Celebration Week Starts Next Week

One week from today is gonna be a very important week for all of us here at 4iT as not only the super underrated HBO hidden gem In Treatment celebrates 14 years since it first went on the air for the very first time, it’s also marks Gabriel Byrne’s return to the Dublin stage in 40 years with his new one-man stage adaptation of his memoir Walking with Ghosts.

Throughout the week, we will be posting all the greatest moments from In Treatment’s 14 year history, from shocking revelations to steamy lusts & everything in between. Some vids will even be set to songs, too.

We’ll also be posting In Treatment rarities such as articles & FYC ads that have never been available anywhere & are exclusive to our site as well as on all our socials.

So be ready fans around the world to celebrate everything In Treatment with us all next week right here on our site & all our socials.

今日から1週間は、4iTで私たち全員にとって非常に重要な週になるでしょう。これは、過小評価されているHBOの隠された宝石In Treatmentが、初めて放送されてから14年を祝うだけでなく、Gabriel Byrneのマークでもあります。 彼の回想録Walkingwith Ghostsの新しいワンマンステージの適応で、40年後にダブリンステージに戻ります。

1週間を通して、衝撃的な啓示から蒸し暑い欲望、そしてその間のすべてに至るまで、InTreatmentの14年の歴史からのすべての最高の瞬間を投稿します。 一部のビデオも曲に設定されます。



The Day Has Come For This Site To Get Unveiled

We first made our presence 7 months ago on our Instagram account, weeks before the long-awaited 4th season of HBO’s super underrated dramedy In Treatment premiered, then we’ve grown to also have a presence on other platforms such as Tumblr, Twitter & Vero.

Up until today, there has never ever been a standalone fan website dedicated exclusively to the series, complete with pictures, reviews, videos &/or interviews.

That all changes today, as our mighty new fan megasite officially gets unveiled. Our new site will have everything diehard fans want, from completely unwatermarked & high-quality pics & screencaptures to videos & rare articles, Forever In Treatment (4iT) is guaranteed to keep the fans satisfied, intrigued & mesmerized.

私たちは7か月前にInstagramアカウントで最初にプレゼンスを確立しました。これは、待望のHBOの過小評価されたドラマイントリートメントの第4シーズンが初公開される数週間前でした。その後、Tumblr、Twitter、Veroなどの他のプラットフォームでもプレゼンスを持つようになりました。 。


私たちの強力な新しいファンメガサイトが正式に発表されるにつれて、それはすべて今日変わります。 私たちの新しいサイトには、完全に透かしのない高品質の写真やスクリーンキャプチャからビデオや珍しい記事まで、熱心なファンが望むすべてのものがあり、永遠に治療(4iT)でファンを満足させ、興味をそそり、魅了し続けることが保証されます。

One Month Away Til This Website Gets Fully Unveiled

In 30 days, the largest In Treatment fan site in the world will finally be unveiled.

The site will have loads & loads of news, updates, 100% unwatermarked screencaptures, photoshoots & candids, videos, interviews, fanart & edits, some of which are rare & just available exclusively on this very site.

The site will be a celebration of everything In Treatment, it’s stars, its crew & everybody involved in HBO’s highly underrated dramedy series.

So, we invite all of you fans to come to this site if you want in on the series & see the many sides to the truth.

Our Site Will Be Launched January 1, 2022./当サイトは2022年1月1日に開設されます

EN: In the beginning, North American drama series about psychotherapists became few & far between, no such drama series existed. There wasn’t a television series that had tackled on psychotherapy nor was there any European actor that played one. Then came HBO, where, based off the original Israeli series Be’Tipul, they wanted to adapt Be’Tipul to North American audiences, & with high acclaim.

Coming soon, our ultimate vision, the largest In Treatment® fanpage in the world, at

JPN: 当初、心理療法士に関する北米のドラマシリーズはほとんどなくなり、そのようなドラマシリーズは存在しませんでした。 心理療法に取り組んだテレビシリーズも、それを演じたヨーロッパの俳優もいませんでした。 次に、HBOが登場しました。ここでは、元のイスラエルのシリーズBe’Tipulに基づいて、Be’Tipulを北米の視聴者に適応させたいと考えていました。



This fan website is not sponsored nor endorsed by the creators of the television series In Treatment®.

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